Activity Kits

Activity Kit

Holidays are can be educational as well as times of great fun and joy . Let your children tell their friends of all the things that they learnt whilst on their holiday.

Activity Kit

We have available kits for you to borrow and return on a daily basis, that have been designed for children to use (under adult supervision) in fossil hunting, bat listening and bug finding. There are also recording journals for birds and butterflies. New for 2018 is a Fairy and Elf trail with a small prize at the end.  Follow the clues and find the Elf doors, stamp the sheet and when you have collected 10 collect your prize!

Activity Kit

Fossil hunting kit includes:- Safety goggle, hammer, pliers, toothbrush, Fossil collecting and beach safety leaflet, and various reference books for fossil identification all in a handy drawstring bag. Useable all year round, probably of interest to over 5’s. *

Activity Kit

Bat Listening kit includes:- Heterodyne Bat Detector, leaflet on frequencies and identification book. Suitable for all ages, best done just before dusk during the summer from May until October. *

Activity Kit

Bug safari kit includes:- magnifying glass, collection jar with magnifying lid, tweezers, bug collecting tongs etc. Reference book to identify insects, garden wildlife and lots of mini-beasts! There is a bug hotel in the garden for you to explore. Over 5’s only with adult supervision.

Baby Robins

Whilst staying on the farm you will notice that we have lots of wild birds. You can record what you see in a journal and identify them with binoculars and books. There is also a CD with bird song on if you need to identify the bird that is singing in the garden.

In the cottage gardens there are many insect friendly plants including a very unusual buddleja bush that is a specific Devon variety. You can log the types of butterflies and moths that you will find in the garden. Butterflies are found mid summer.

The farm is very rural and does not have any light pollution. Out starry skies are amazing, do you know the names of the various star shapes?

We also allow guests to watch a calving. We calve all year round and most weeks there will be something calving. Most of the time this happens out in the fields and no one is there watching, however, if we feel that a cow may need assistance we will keep her in the calving shed overnight so that we can keep a better eye on her and assist if necessary. If you would like to witness this, please say so when arriving and we will knock on your door and tell you when the birth is about to happen. You will be able to observe and take photos from a safe distance.

*We just ask for a £5 donation to this years charity “Devon Freewheelers” for the use of these kits for a day. Please book them online when booking your holiday – they are in the extras section. Devon Freewheelers are a voluntary organisation, based in Honiton, that transport blood and organs between the Devon hospitals as an out of hours service.