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Dairy Farmers of a Pedigree Holstein Herd

Richard, Sally, Alex, Naomi, Lily and Freya welcome you to Godford Farm.  We have always been dairy farmers and enjoy showing guests what life is like on a dairy farm.  Whatever time of the year or season you come, there is always something happening.  We calve all year round, milk 365 days of the year, and sell our milk to a co-operative of milk producers.  You may well have purchased our milk in either the form of fresh milk or cheeses, yoghurts and cream from your supermarket.


Sally was proudly awarded the Regional winner of Best Farmhouse food in the Westcountry in 2001.  A 5 course locally sourced breakfast can  be served in the dining room of the farmhouse around a magnificent dining table, in a grand room that was once the entrance hallway,  with huge open fireplace.  For details of cost please click to Special Offers page. All the Lawrence family look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful part of South East Devon, and share with you the wonderful area that we live in.  

On the farm you will see rabbits, hares, pheasants, deer, foxes, buzzards, kestrels, Owls and others.  There are traditional devon hedgerows, streams and rivers, woodland  and clay pits for you to explore.  You will be transformed to another world – bird song, fresh air, starry skies, amazing views, peace and tranquility.   

Call the Midwife – If you would like to witness the joys of birth (without getting stuck in!)we can inform you when the birth of a baby calf is likely to happen.  Be amazed at how quickly they stand up and start sucking. In July 2014 we had a very rare occurance – a triplet of heifer calves, who have  had their own calves, and are now in the milking herd here at Godford Farm.  There is a 1 in 100,000 chance of this happening and it is even greater odds that they were all born alive 1 in 250,000, so were are very proud of their mum as she did it all on her own tucked away in a quiet corner of a field and surprised us all when we checked on her later!